So You Wanna Be A Rock ‘N Roll Star?

(Sorry for the B&W but many of these were either press photos or from Billboard Magazine.)

Here we are with Rick Springfield at J&R Music in NYC.  I’m the anorexic looking guy 3 in from the right.  35+ years younger, 75 lbs. lighter and no gray hair!

Here’s The Thompson Twins at Tower Records NYC.  That’s me in the middle with the beard in my Serpico days.  (For you youngsters, look up Serpico on IMDB)!

Again at J&R Music in NYC this time with Squeeze.  In the middle again.

With Lou Reed at Tower Records in NYC.  Lou refused the limo back to his apartment so guess who had to drive him home?  I kid you not.  He spent the whole time in the back with his manager talking about being freaked out by how close some of his fans got.  All the while he kept giving me the, “what are you looking at? keep your eyes on the road” look.

Now this isn’t me but it is my friend Bob from Capitol Records.  I show you this because he had his picture taken with Tina Turner and then sent it around as a photo Christmas card (like you would with pictures of your kids) and it said Merry Christmas From Tina and Bob!  I was just mad I never thought of doing something like that!!!!

This is what I actually did for RCA although this is not my best work, it is of Rick Springfield.

This design that was 3-D when you saw it in person (the middle part came out like a flower) was a design I started and was often attempted to be copied by my competitors from other record labels but they could never quite figure out how I did it.  When we happened to be in a store at the same time they would try to watch me to see what I was doing but I was too fast for them!

 And finally the last pictures are of the Go Gos.  We had done in-store signings with them earlier in the day and then at night I shot these pictures (and developed and printed them as well) from the VIP area of the stage.  They liked them so much they signed them for me (not sure if you can read the scribble).