Why call a website “Clowns To The Left of Me”?

Well it really is quite simple.  Over the years I have been surfing the net, it has become very apparent to me that there are many people with a fear of clowns.  It even has a name – Coulrophobia.  I was never aware of this.  It never even occurred to me there would be a name for it let alone one that sounds as creepy as what it refers to..

I started to poke fun at my friends who had this fear by posting various clown pictures for laughs.  Isn’t it great having me for a friend?  (Or should I say, “Isn’t it grand…..?”)

Then one day I was driving home from work and on the radio came the song by Stealers Wheel titled “Stuck In The Middle With You”.  It contains the line, “clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, here I am stuck in the middle with you.”

It was at that moment after a particularly bad day at work that I realized as we go through life there are always clowns to the left of us.  Everywhere we turn.  Growing up as kids.  At work.  In social situations.  And I don’t mean the type that wear face paint either.  But I think you probably figured that out by now.  So what better name could I possibly have come up with?